White Paper:
Agile Checklist
Agile development consists of a series of interdependent planning and delivery rhythms. These agile rhythms, while quite simple conceptually, have proven to be less simple to implement. Yet this recurring series of meetings and events delivers the reliable beat which allows teams to find their own agile rhythm. Use the resources below to help you get started with or scale your agile efforts.

While no single publication or presentation delivers all of the ammunition agile teams need to get the rhythm, this set of agile meeting and facilitation checklists offers an easy framework to help guide software development teams through the various agile cycles. We hope you find this step-by-step guide valuable.


  • Definitions of the agile rhythms from project strategy to continuous practices
  • Meeting cheat sheets including who should attend, proposed agendas and common obstacles
  • Getting started guides to help with managing and scheduling agile meetings