AgileLIVE Webinar Series:
Is Managing Agile an Oxymoron?
Every day we meet developers who are ready to throw managers under the bus. We also see managers actively throwing agility (and developers) under the bus. It seems that some people would rather fight than collaboratively learn. 

Moving beyond "I have an evil manager who ...,” this session will cover ideas for managers and for working with managers, both good and evil. It is time to stop arguing and start focusing on the real enemies: duplication and lack of integration. We need to iteratively learn if how to build the right thing in a way that ensures quality and allows competitive business agility. 

About the Presenter
David Hussman owns and leads DevJam, coaching and producing products with companies of all sizes around the world. His coaching style is non-dogmatic, challenging and pragmatic. David maps tools to contextual needs in a way that seeds self-discovery and avoids the expert trap of simply telling people what they “should do." David works within and across each project community, pairing on coding and testing work, design and redesigning products, and helping leadership teams pragmatically introduce lasting agility that fosters innovation and competitive advantage.