AgileLIVE Webinar Series:
The Hybrid PMO
Even when agile methods succeed unequivocally at the team level, middle-management still faces two major, continuing challenges: managing a hybrid portfolio of agile and non-agile teams, and reporting progress upwards to the executive boardroom. 

How can PMOs bridge the gap between executive management weaned on plan-driven methods and predictability, and teams operating with agility in the face of uncertainty? How can they create a consistent reporting framework applicable to both agile and non-agile teams and communicate all-around progress effectively? This webinar will cover these difficult questions and more. 

About the Presenters

An industry-leading agile and lean expert, Sanjiv Augustine has assisted many leading clients adopt agile methods over the past decade. He is the author of several publications including The Lean-Agile PMO: Using Lean Thinking to Accelerate Agile Project Delivery. As an in-the-trenches practitioner, he has personally managed agile projects varying in size from five to over 100 people, trained thousands of agile practitioners via public classes and conference presentations, and coached numerous project teams.

Roland Cuellar has years of agile project management and lean expertise. He is a leader in helping enterprise-level clients adopt the use of both agile and lean in their organizations. Roland has helped executives prepare their organizations for agile transformation by identifying challenges and opportunities related to agile and lean implementation and developing action plans and risk mitigation strategies to ensure that agile and lean initiatives are successful.