White Paper:
The Agile Executive
Leading a successful company in today's economy requires innovative approaches to meeting customer needs. Agile methodologies help executives build dynamic companies that easily adapt to rapidly changing technologies, markets and customer demands. Though not a silver bullet, companies using agile practices often deliver higher quality products more quickly and have energized employees who consistently perform at their best.

The agile executive who provides the right environment, resources and training, facilitates as needed and gets out of the way of successful teams minimizes overall project risk, improves quality, reduces production time and improves morale.


  • Find out why traditional command and control leadership doesn't work in an agile environment
  • Learn more about leading an agile company by facilitating decision-making and communication
  • Understand the new skills agile executives need to have so that their organizations can realize the full benefits of implementing agile
About the Author
Written by Jim Magers, an enterprise agile coach who provides training, coaching and transformation services designed to help introduce agile methods into any size organization. Jim has over 25 years of experience in product development, has held executive management positions at both large and small companies and has been managing agile teams since the early 2000's. Jim served as CTO at Brightree, EVP of Product Development at nuBridges and spent 17 years in various executive leadership roles at CheckFree Corporation. He can be reached at jim@leadingagile.com or www.linkedin.com/in/jimmagers