White Paper:
Agile Testing Methodology and Agile Test Automation
Adopting agile development methods means that traditional software development organization must change. For the best chances of success, QA engineers must become embedded agile team members. To do this, they need to develop skills in exploratory testing and test automation, and also embrace agile team dynamics and communication methods.  

Agile testers contribute their unique testing perspective during story exploration, estimation, development and story completion. Testers on an agile team preserve the benefits of traditional QA within an iterative development process.


  • Learn more about how to integrate the benefits of traditional testing within an agile team
  • Find out about new skills for the agile tester - exploratory testing, automation and communication
  • See a demonstration of what an agile tester does as part of an agile team
About the Author
Written by JoEllen Carter, agile QA tester for VersionOne. JoEllen Carter has more than seven years of experience defining the role of tester on agile teams. From her first exposure to agile methodologies, she’s been an inspired advocate of the value an experienced, collaborative tester brings to an agile team. She’s worked primarily on teams new to agile, transitioning from a traditional QA organization to highly effective agile teams. Her experience in software development and testing began in the highly regulated and QA-intensive nuclear power industry, and now includes direct marketing donor management software, staffing software, e-commerce systems, and project management software. Her formal education includes a Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering and a Master of Science in Technical Communication. Her education in agile began with training by Jay Conne, and continues every day she spends on an agile team.