Are you ready to maximize the impact of delivering in an agile framework across your organization, yet challenged by scaling agile beyond the team level to the program and portfolio levels? Join us for this 2-part webinar series for insights into what you need to know to take agile to the next level!

Part 1: Join SD Times Editor-in-Chief David Rubinstein and Agile Coaches Dave Gunther and Mike McLaughlin, who will explore the five key questions organizations need to consider when scaling agile to the program and portfolio levels including:

How should we organize?
How will we communicate?
How, what and where will we prioritize?
How can we facilitate decisions & plan effectively?
How can we deliver predictably at scale?

Part 2: Join Product Evangelist Andy Powell, who will discuss how the VersionOne® enterprise agile ALM platform can help to scale enterprise agility faster, easier and smarter. You will see how to: 

Capture and visualize your roadmaps
Track and manage initiatives through to implementation
Coordinate multiple cross-functional teams
Perform advanced analysis on your projects
Enable enterprise collaboration

Scaling Agile to the Program & Portfolio Levels  
Part 1 – February 19, Noon-1 PM ET
Part 2 – February 26, Noon-1 PM ET
David Rubinstein is the editor-in-chief of SD Times. An award-winning journalist, David has more than 30 years of experience in news reporting and editing. A founding member of the SD Times team, David has spent the last 10 years in the high-tech industry.
Dave Gunther has more than 20 years of software product development experience, most recently helping with agile transformations as a practitioner, coach and product implementation consultant across the enterprise. 
Mike McLaughlin has more than 15 years of experience in software development and over 5 years as an agile practitioner, coach, trainer and mentor for Fortune 500 clients.
During his 12-year career in the software development industry, Andy has assisted in numerous 500+ person agile tool rollouts with companies such as Siemens, Adobe, EMC and Sabre, giving him considerable experience in leading major projects.
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