Creating and Scaling Blended Agile Teams
In today's environment, agile practices may provide solutions to software development challenges, but legacy processes cannot be changed with a flip of the switch. Organizations sometimes find themselves in a quandary as to how to introduce practices and techniques which are in direct opposition to the ones they have been using. Organizations want to know how to integrate new agile practices into the organization with minimal work disruption and maximum buy-in from staff. After all, company business must continue. 

    • The definition of Blended Agile
    • Learn when and why to use Blended Agile
    • Benefits and conflicts along with strategies to achieve Blended Agile
    • Examples of a blended approach with real life examples
    • Steps to create "The Blended Agile Way"
    About the Presenter
    Rose Anton, Engagement Manager & Master Lean/Agile Consultant with CC Pace, is a leader in helping enterprise level clients to adopt the use of both agile and lean practices within their organizations. Rose has extensive experience with system integration, web-based applications/portals, design/development of new systems and implementation for off the shelf packages. A highly sought after speaker, Rose has lectured and led seminars on various aspects of the full project lifecycle and facilitated sessions on variances within the Lean/Agile methodologies including Distributed, Spiral, MSF and Blended Lean/Agile.